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Mexico enjoys a cultural blend that is wholly unique: among the fastest growing industrial powers in the world. Filled with modern cities that rival any in the world and yet you can still feel as if you were in a half-forgotten Spanish colony or an ancient Mayan culture.

Each aspect of "Mexican Culture"can be found in isolation. However more often than not, you will find all three co-existing. The indigenous markets, little changed in form since the arrival of the Spanish, thrive alongside elaborate colonial churches in the shadow of the skyscrapers of the Mexican miracle. There are communities of full-blooded indígenas, and there are a few Mexicans of pure Spanish descent. The great majority of the population, though, is mestizo, combining both traditions and, to a greater or lesser extent, a veneer of urban sophistication.

When you visit Mexico you have to be prepared to adapt to travel in a country that is still "developing." You simply have to accept the local temperament - that work may be necessary to live, but it's not life's central focus, that minor annoyances really are minor, and that there's always something else to do in the meantime. For the most part, this is an easy, a fabulously varied, and an enormously enjoyable and friendly place in which to travel.

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Looking for a Hawaiian Holiday

With its majestic volcanoes and palm-fringed beaches, Hawaii holds some of the most superb scenery on earth. Firmly established among the world's greatest vacation playgrounds, it combines top-quality hotels and restaurants with almost unlimited opportunities not only for sheer self-indulgence, but also for activities such as surfing, diving, golf and hiking. Visiting Hawaii does not, however, have to be expensive; budget facilities on all the islands place this destination within the reach of just about everyone.

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Or Perhaps You Prefer the Exotic South Pacific

Coral sands and emerald waters with romantic sunsets. Fiji, the Cook Islands and much more offer you just that. JUST CLICK HERE and explore the possibilities.