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There are so many options to view and experience --- so many wonderful places and things to do in the World. I believe that one of the most exciting and satisfying vacations anyone can take is to be found in the South Pacific.  Australia, New Zealand and the Islands of the South Pacific offer a great holiday experience

I have personally been traveling to Australia and the South Pacific for many years and never retrun home without saying, "I'm going to do this again next year." 

So, use this page as your land "down-under" vacation research tool. The packages cover most all types of travel, but we know you may want something a bit different than what is presented, just let us know. You can either call or use the "Contact Us" email tool to send us information.

Meet The World’s Friendliest People in The Islands of the South Pacific

The South Pacific, home to people who have been largely unspoiled by the trappings of the outside world and who continue to live a traditional lifestyle which places kinship and kindness above the so-called civilised values of material possessions and wealth.

These are people who rely on the natural bounty of the sea and the land; who still live as their forebears, in harmony with nature and all the gifts she has bestowed on this vast expanse of oceans and islands.

This is a place like nowhere else on earth. Culture and tradition live side by side, gently guiding the lives and customs of these friendly, caring people.

Perhaps the words of a well known travel trade journalist who, when writing about the South Pacific, said it best:

"These are the lands before the wind.
Life is lived in the moment.
Tomorrow is only a concept. Today is a joy"

We hope that through our words and images we can convey to you just why you should discover the South Pacific and the countless joys and treasures which await you.  

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Qantas Vacations (A divsion of Qantas Airlines) offers some of the best "down-under" vacations available. Just click on the Quantas logo above to see what we are presently offering.


 offers a variety of South Pacific iteneraries at some really great prices.  Just click on the Newman's Logo above to see just how affordable a South Pacific Vacation really can be.



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