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Gutsy Women travelers come from every walk of life. They are homemakers, care-givers, cancer survivors, educators, and businesswomen. They are mothers, daughters, sisters, and best friends. They are both well-traveled individuals curious to interface with their counterparts in another culture, as well as women who rarely find the opportunity to explore the world outside their community — until now.

Gutsy Women have overcome life-changing events (divorce, illness, empty nests) and want to celebrate life. They have just graduated from a career program, they’ve won awards, they’ve started their retirement or they’ve finally decided that it’s about time they did something special just for themselves. Approximately half are married, but their husbands aren’t interested in taking cooking classes in Italy or visiting gardens in Savannah. These husbands find comfort in the fact that their wives are traveling safely with an escorted group and coming back with their travel dreams fulfilled.

Gutsy Women travelers also include affinity groups (sorority reunions, professional organizations, service groups, church groups, survivor organizations, and leisure activity clubs like garden and opera societies) seeking events and activities geared specifically to women’s interests.

Gutsy Women are generally women from 30 up to 80 years of age, but just as they don’t like to label themselves, neither have we — except as the "Gutsy Women" they are . . . . seeking fresh and exciting travel options with congenial companions.

Gutsy Women Travel was created to celebrate the indomitable spirit within every woman to experience the world! Whether you are already a well-traveled individual or someone who has never ventured much beyond your own community, Gutsy Women Travel invites you to embrace that inner longing, pack your bags, and come travel with us.

These travel programs have been developed with special attention given to how women prefer to travel. You will find that Gutsy Women travel packages:

  • appeal to a woman's multi-tasking nature 
  • focus on safety
  • convenient hotel locations comfortable accommodations
  • pacing that meets a woman's needs. For instance there are virtually no early morning departures and you'll usually spend at least two days at each location
  • intimate experiences and meeting local people because we recognize the importance of relationships to women
  • and ample free time to create your own experiences

So check out some of our special offers from Gutsy Women