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Interested in planning a group cruise for family,friends, or other group? Let a Texas Cruise and Travel Group Cruise Specialist help put it all together.

Booking a group cruise withTexas Cruise and Travel definitely has its advantages. Whether it's complimentary chocolate and champagne, a private onboard cocktail party or a free berth, Texas Cruise and Travel can offer you special amenities customized for your group. Whats' more all it normally takes to qualify is a group traveling together in 8 or more staterooms.

Group travel, as opposed to some other forms of travel, is described best by the old saying "The more, the merrier."  What could be better than friends, family, collegues or people with a common interest taking a cruise together.  Indeed, sometimes more is in fact better.

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The possibilities for group cruises is limited only by your imagination.  Below are some starters ideas for your perfect Group Cruise

Family & Friends: Weddings and anniversaries; confirmations, bar mitzvahs, birthdays; reunions (high school, college, or family), and weddings.  Doing a wedding cruise is the easiest way to get married short of eloping, because the ship takes care of everything: cake, photographer, hall, musicians, and honeymoon. The same is true of Reunion cruises as well.

Hobbies & Interests: Books, golf, wine, art, ballroom dancing, cigars, bridge, canasta, backgammon, marh-jongg, or any tournament game.  For almost any interest that you and other people would like to learn about and discuss, You might even include an expert speaker. You can have one join your group, and with a large group, the divided cost is relatively inexpensive.

Religious: Church or synagogue groups; study groups for youth and/or adults.  Cruises are one of the most effective fund raisers. With large groups, some cruise lines even will provide matching funds.

Business: Executive meetings, trade shows, and the all-important INCENTIVE MEETINGS for staff and clients! Imagine how motivated the employees became to attain this very deluxe cruise!

Here is how to get started putting your group cruise together...

If your thinking about any of the above group cruises the first thing you should do is give us a call here at Texas Cruise and travel.  We will work with you to pick a ship, sail date, number of cabins, and type of cabins, and determine your theme.  We will also help with promotion. 

When planning your group cruise keep in mind that you need to pick a date that gives you time to promote the cruise to your group and also allows your prospective fellow guests time to decide and make arrangements to participate.

Be an early bird. Final payments are due at the cruise line three months prior to sailing date, so get the word out early and the deposits in quickly to hold the best cabin space.

When you plan your group vacation, reunion or tour you will certainly want to consider having shirts, tote bags, lunch coolers and the like for your group that identify them as members of your particular group.  For quality products and great prices we recommend The Queensboro Shirt Company. This is the company that we use here at Texas Cruise and Travel. Just click the banner below to visit their online store.

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If you are interested in exploring the possibility of a cruise for your group just give us a call at (713) 677-4479 or e-mail me at  


Why not check out some of the possibilities for your group by seeing what Texas Cruise and Travel and our suppliers have to offer.

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Remember "The more, the merrier." Fewer than 16 cabins will not entitle you to all of the benefits a cruise line has to offer a group.

Your travel agent will help you get the right information. New security regulations make it imperative that all information is correct. Passports are generally requested, and photocopies of the photo IDs and information pages will provide the most accurate information. Credit card information also is required. In order to provide each of your guests the very best service, it would be nice to know any special requirements of each guest as well as those of the group.

One of the things you will want to consider as you plan your group cruise is, “How will the cost of getting to the Port of Embarkation effect people signing-up for the cruise?” With the rising cost of airfare transportation to the Port of Embarkation can exceed the cost of the cruise for a family.

For example, let’s say your are planning a Family reunion Cruise and most of your family members live in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and even Oklahoma regions of the country. You might want to look at the cruises offered out of the Ports of Galveston and Houston as opposed to, say the East Coast. Why, you ask? Well, because it is possible for a family to drive to the port of embarkation at less expense than it would be to fly; it avoids the luggage limitations of air travel, and you eliminate a great deal of the security hassle. Besides, they could arrive early and for the cost of parking have a great night at one of the area hotels. (Most major hotels in Galveston will allow you to leave your car in their parking garage for free if you spend a pre-night stay at their hote