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Norwegian Coastal (5 offers included)

from $9,525.00 (USD)
Per Person
Nights: 16
Ship: MS Midnatsol
Price Per Night:$595.31 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Itinerary: Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires/Ushuaia, Drake Passage, Antarctica, Drake Passage, Ushuaia/Buenos Aires
Celebrate a spectacular Christmas! From Ushuaia, we cross the Drake Passage and sail on to an unforgettable exploration of Antarctica. Meet penguins up close and touch icebergs with your bare hands. On board there is so much to do: visit our Activity Center, attend exciting lectures, and enjoy the seasonĀ“s festivities while surrounded by snow and ice!
from $9,278.00 (USD)
Per Person
Nights: 11
Price Per Night:$843.45 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Itinerary: Oslo/Longyearbyen, Longyearbyen, North West Spitsbergen National Park, Eastern Svalbard Nature Reserves and South Spitsbergen National Park, The Fjords of South-West Spitsbergen, Longyearbyen/Oslo
This epic voyage circumnavigates the large island of Spitsbergen in Svalbard. Explore glaciers, mountains and fjords in the west, and the barren High Arctic wilderness in the east. Enjoy expedition landings, hikes, kayaking and more in the largest Arctic wilderness in Europe.
from $3,088.00 (USD)
Per Person
Nights: 9
Price Per Night:$343.11 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Itinerary: La Paz, Baja California, Mexico - Embarkation, Isla San José, Mexico - Full Day, Isla Santa Catalina, Mexico - Full Day, Isla San Esteban, Mexico - Full Day, Loreto, Mexico - Full Day, Isla San Francisco, Mexico - Full Day, Ensenada, Mexico - Full Day, San Diego, USA - Disembarkation
This exploration cruise takes you to stunning Baja California peninsula. We sail to islands rich in natural beauty and abundant wildlife. Enjoy the chance to unwind on white sandy beaches, swim in turquoise waters, and visit the charming towns of the Mexican Pacific coast.
Nights: 18
Price Per Night:$611.44 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Itinerary: Santiago de Chile, Santiago de Chile/Punta Arenas, Antarctica, Chilean Fjords, Puerto Natales, Puerto Edén, Castro, Valparaíso, Chile
This is a truly diverse expedition, with highlights that include spending five days in Antarctica before venturing into the Chilean fjords, discovering the rich wildlife of Patagonia, and visiting one of the most scenic national parks in the world. Enjoy spending time ashore kayaking and hiking, and close encounters with penguins, birds, and seals.
from $1,379.00 (USD)
Per Person
Nights: 5
Price Per Night:$275.80 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Itinerary: Kirkenes, Mehamn, Finnsnes, Bodo, Trondheim, Bergen
Awaken the explorer in you on this adventure from the Arctic wilderness of northern Norway to the world's most beautiful islands and fjords along the coast. Explore the rugged coastline as you go face-to-face with natural wonders and experience thrilling excursions.
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